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Everyday kids, adults, teens, are learning how to fish. After your first ever catch it is for sure going to create a amazing memory that would last a lifetime. Fishing could have so many benefits for you for starts the time you are waiting for a bite its teaches you how to patience, and helps you interact in conversations. Sometimes it could also give you some alone time with your thoughts. Many people fish because it gets you away from the everyday worrys/stress of life. From jobs, school, anything that is causing stress/worry in your life. Over all like many people in this world fishing could become your new favorite hobby for many reasons. This page is ment for those people who is just starting how to fish or even anglers who just want a little bit more information and tips.

What do I need to start?

Many people think they need the most expensive rod, hooks, weights but, they all do the same job and meant for the same use. You see all over YouTube many people do from 10$ all the way to 50$ including a rod, line and even lures and then being able to catch fish. It is that easy to start fishing. All you must do is go to even a Walmart pick up a rod you feel the most comfortable buy some 8-12lb pound monofilament fishing line some 3/0 hooks and weights. With difference brands it could be over whelming but all you must is find what is more affordable for you and what you think will catch fish. The trick is to always stay simple. Once you start buying different kind of hooks, lures, soft plastic that is where you start to over think and make it harder on yourself.

Lures or bait?

So, what’s better to use to catch fish? Lures or Bait? In my opinion if you are barely starting to get into fishing I recommend using either live or dead bait. It helps you get a good idea of how the fish will feel what you will expect and how you are supposed to react. Just go the closest store that sells fishing tackle and you could pick up a cup of nightcrawlers. If you have more experience in fishing and want more of a challenge, then I recommend using lures. With endless variety of lures, including spinnerbaits, Jigs, hard lures, swim baits and many more you could find easily some any type of water you fish in.

What lures work best and what do I buy?

From crankbaits, spinnerbaits, top waters, jigs, jerk baits, swimbaits, spoons and so many more when you first walk into your local store that sells lures it could be so over whelming. So many brands like Zooms, to Berkley, all the way too Yamamomo’s. With literally so many lures and colors such as watermelon red (which is just a green dirty color) all the way to a Limetreuse (just a bright neon green) the possibility of choosing the right ones are slim. Some people just love the feeling of being able to buy lures, but do they do their job of catching fish? In my opinion (brand would not matter) in your first ever tackle box pick up a crankbait, Spinnerbait, some soft plastics, and maybe a jig if you are going for a good size one. With these lures you would be able to cover a lot of water looking for those schooling fishes.

how do I know which lure to use?

So how do I know which lure to use or what color? One major key is look at how dirty or clear the water is. One thing you should always remember is use more darker colors. These would include some blacks, blues, and some browns. When the water looks more clear stick to natural colors whites, and greys. In many clear water cases one tip if you see baitfish around is match the hatch. If you see a school of minnows hanging around try to find a lure that would mimic the bait fishes. Also keep in mind of how big the fish are in the lake. If the lake just got a stock with new fish use smaller lures. It is obvious a fish wouldn’t chase after their prey is bigger then them. Keep in mind how deep the water is and what is temperature is. The colder or hotter the water the deeper the fish go. Now come spring and the fishes are coming up to surface. Use more heavy pound for jigging or fishing the bottom and lighter line for soft plastics.

Fishing Tips

Want to go fishing but don't have the time to drive hours to the closest lake? Easy one simple trick many weekend anglers do is go to Google maps and look for a small pond or even a creek and check it out. You never know maybe you could find your own honey hole(this does not mean to go in to private property and fishing in a random waters) Have lots of soft plastics? Keep them in the bag and always have one rigged with a hook for some quick changing tactics.